Our story has only begun:

Will you be along for the ride?

Founded in Late 2013 Napalm Hosting came about to serve as a webhost wanting to have some fun and give back. Based in the California Central Valley town of Fresno we aim to please our clients and serve those that call we call partners.

Currently we are a full service webhosting company. From buying your domain names, to hosting your email, we can do that. Addtionally we have parterened with Carbonite to offer computer backup and business conuntinity soultions to protect your data in the even of the unthinkable. This partnership was started in 2014 and we hope to serve more of your needs in the futrue as we grow and expand or capablities to help and secure your business.

Napalm Hosting

We are glad you have joined us on this journey. If there is anything you need please let us know.

- Barry Owner/Founder